Cass Miller is a painter, educator and business owner working artist, teacher and co-owner of STUDIO YEG ART. She is an extremely passionate individual who believes that everyday is what you make it and everything you make in a day reflects the mood and emotion of that day.


WORK & PLAY: In October of 2018, my husband and I opened up a gallery and workshop space called STUDIO YEG ART. It is a space for workshops, giving people an opportunity to be creative and provide them quality alternative for a fun and exciting social experience. It is also a space to support, promote and showcase Edmonton artists. There is also a small collection of supplies and materials you can purchase to start small projects at home.

STUDIO YEG ART is open Tuesday & Wednesday 10-5 and Thursday-Saturday 11-5. We also have scheduled workshops in the evening which you can check out at www.studioyegart.com. You can find me at 13B Fairway Drive, Edmonton AB, T6J2S6.

HI: I make work that focuses on the contrast and variety within a composition and enjoy experimenting with bright, vibrant colours to add excitement and playfulness to my works. The building blocks of my practice include: bright colors, line making and bold patterns.

I enjoy experimenting with the qualities of paint., layering broad brush strokes, dripping, splattering and rolling, contrasted with small detail and structural elements. With each painting my style develops and evolves.

Most of my wok takes place in my home studio but you can also catch me painting at Studio YEG ART, which is my workshop space and gallery in Edmonton.

WORK: The majority of my work is done on canvas, creating both small and large scale paintings. I also take on projects such as installations and murals.

WORKSHOPS: Take some classes with me! I teach many classes at Studio YEG ART, check out our schedule. I am also happy to give private & group workshops outside of the scheduled ones. These workshops range from ceramics to printing to painting to something custom that we come up with together.